Stay One-To-One With Nature In A Biophilic Office

The rise of the biophilia trend has completely changed how some workplaces have designed themselves. Adding the element of nature to any space has all types of advantages attached to it, and we are here for it.

From fresh air to the beauty of the greens and other natural colours, a biophilic office has everything to give your space.

A modern office ensures it has a unique vibe to it simply because it reflects work culture and what the brand stands for. Every element speaks for itself and adds to the overall environment.

Check out how a biophilic office will benefit your office.


Improved Air Quality

In an enclosed workplace where several employees sit together and work, fresh air becomes a necessity. The space can often feel heavy and dry because of air conditioning. Well, incorporating some elements of nature into the space will instantly change how the room feels.

Placing plant pots around the office improves air quality as CO2 is effectively converted into oxygen, making the air feel humid. Plant leaves also absorb volatile organic compounds, which can result from electronics and other products, contributing to cleaner air in the office.

The Green Light Plant Pots are a good and stylish way of doing so. Available in ceiling suspended on floor-standing units, these will be a minimal yet fulfilling addition to your office.


Feel Happy and Healthy

Nature tends to make a space feel more positive and relaxed. This, consequently, impacts the state of mind of the person working under such conditions as well. So, a positive space will lead to a positive mindset and, in turn, a positive result. Of course, this would mean a healthy mind and relationships around work.

The Soundwave Planter is a good element to incorporate into public and/or private spaces around your office. This planter is made to complement the Soundwave acoustic system to add to its functionality and aesthetic. It is an easy way to uplift any surroundings with flowers and plants.


Contribute to Productivity

A sprinkle of nature in a regular workplace has proven to contribute 15% more to employee productivity. Imagine what working in an outdoor office that is one on one with nature will do.

The Archipod Garden Office not only adds to the beauty of your garden but also makes it a private space to work in outdoors. It can be installed in an office or home garden as a separate space for tasks. The roof dome allows for natural light to seep in, which helps maintain stress levels. The body also feels relaxed and fresh.

It has all the other necessary equipment, including a convenient table and a full cable management system for added functionality. Made from timber and other recycled materials, the Archipod is the best way for nature and work to come together.


Key Takeaway For Biophilic Office!

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