Soundproof Lounge Pods — Revolutionising Office Furniture

The purpose of lounge pods is to transform the very nature of the workplace. With meetings being held across organisations, a lounge pod enables you and your team to speak to one another without worrying about eavesdroppers when you need to discuss a confidential matter or don’t want to disrupt others.

In addition, giving meeting staff access to private, quiet locations might boost productivity and retain high-performing workers. Giving these employees a distraction-free workspace encourages a productive environment where they may achieve and surpass professional goals.

These office lounge pods are equipped with contemporary technology and perform like any other workplace setting. They guarantee a dependable workstation since they are built with amenities that keep you connected and charged, such as electrical outlets and data connections, as well as air conditioners and ergonomic furniture.

At Apres Furniture, we are aware of the revolutionalising of soundproof lounge pods. No one likes to be overheard, especially when the topic at hand is sensitive. Continue to read ahead to learn about the best and the latest soundproof lounge pods.


Spacio Lounge Pod

For hosting casual meetings and escaping the workplace hustle and bustle, the Spacio Lounge Pod is a perfect fit. A tiny side table and two soft chair pieces with built-in power and data pixel modules at the base are part of the lounge pod’s furniture. The Spacio Lounge Pod also has a cool PIR infrared sensor as standard equipment to detect when the pod is being used and turn on the lighting and ventilation.


Hush Lounge Pods

A soundproofed workplace meeting pod for four people called Hush Lounge Pod offers the perfect acoustic setting for teams to enjoy lively, invigorating meetings without worrying about upsetting coworkers. Each Hush pod is sized and designed for a distinct work task.


Hako Acoustic Pods

The Hako Acoustic Lounge Pod’s incredible modular design is unmatched. The designers moulded many architectural features together for multiple reasons, from small meeting places for one person to huge gathering areas, owing to the pieces of the design. Since the bottom of the booth has been removed, it has a sleek surface and meets the needs of people with disabilities by being wheelchair accessible. The prestigious Hako pod has automatic lighting, a reliable ventilation system, and cable management—all without messing up the employees’ safety.


Spacio Double Lounge Pod

The Spacio Double Lounge Pod is a back-to-back, two-person, informally-used privacy pod that gives the employees some peace away from the hubbub of the workplace for quick, casual conversations.

Two soft sitting pieces with built-in power and data pixel modules at the base are standard in both lounge pods, together with a tiny side table, so they can eat there, too, if the me-time prolongs.

Plus, like every Spacio Lounge Pod, this is also integrated as standard with a PIR infrared sensor that detects when the pod is in use and snaps to immediately turn on the lighting and ventilation. If there is no activity in the pod for a time, this will shut off automatically to save energy.


Key Takeaway For Soundproof Lounge Pods!

Lounging at the workplace is a radical idea — of the ’90s, though. In a fast-paced business world, employees often remind themselves to enjoy the mselves a bit at work. Soundproof lounge pods available at Après Furniture have all features that you need in one, so go ahead and explore one based on your liking and needs.