Pick This Reception Chair To Revamp Your Office

Your workplace reflects who you are as an organisation, your core values, and how you run it. Having an element of the ‘wow’ factor for when any visitor walks in, will leave a significant mark on them, and chances are, they will remember you for it. And, of course, you want that for your business.

This is precisely why you need to pay great attention to your office reception area. Choosing furniture that fully uses the space and accommodates visitors without feeling chaotic is essential.


Exploring all the available options for every element will make you feel super overwhelmed, but we here will guide you with our favourite picks for the best reception chairs you can select for your office.


Queen Easy Chair

The evergreen Queen Easy chair is a must-have! This elegant-looking chair with leathered seating offers the ultimate looks and comfort.

With armrests that lie at a comfortable height, this soft-seating option gives off a professional aesthetic while staying minimal. It is eco-labelled, so, you know you’re fulfilling your environmental responsibility.


Vernon Sofa and Armchair

Your modern office interior was missing the Vernon Sofa and Armchair. This one is ideal for your waiting areas, be it your main office reception or in the executive meeting space. Available as a single armchair and with double or triple sofa seating options, the Vernon sofa will add an appealing aesthetic to your space.

It is simple yet practical. The low seat and high back with curved armrests make the piece of furniture look inviting and comfortable. The best part is, you can customise it in any colour and fabric, depending on your requirement.


Track Chair

Your waiting area will receive people who do not want to loathe their visit to your office. Your particular focus on the perfect reception area furniture has the power to give your visitor a good time.

Investing in the Track Chairs from Apres Furniture is among your best bets for it. While leaving a small footprint, this unique laidback chair gives off a minimal vibe while also offering the utmost comfort. Combine it with a table, and you have the perfect seating area.

The Track Chair has two options for you to choose from. The Swivel work chair for more casual space and the Swivel lounge chair for a relatively formal area.

Depending on the vibe you want to go for, you can choose and customise your Track Chair. A wide range of colour options is also available for you.


Key Takeaway For Reception Chair!

Your brand starts at your reception area. It is here that you want the potential visitor to feel you are trustworthy and welcoming. So, putting your mind to designing this space will take you a long way.

At Apres Furniture, we understand that just right. Our interior design and furniture specialists will assist you in making the right decisions for your workplace. From luxury to comfort, we are mindful of everything.