Modern Work Pods 2022

In contemporary workspaces, a wide range of office pods are being introduced to provide a higher level of seclusion as the open-plan office has become more common.

Finding a quiet area in today’s open-plan offices to meet a deadline or take an important phone call has become difficult, unless organisations decide to add pods.

These pods are essentially little cabins or semi-private booths where staff members may have private conversations or find a quiet place to work for an hour or two away from the bustle of the office.

At Après, some pods fit right in for modern offices. We will be exploring some of the best work pods of 2022.


Hana Acoustic Phone Booth

The Hana Acoustic Booths are effective even in the most active environments, creating quiet places in demanding, noisy workplace settings. Hana’s pods can work in a tiny space because of the phone booth’s ergonomic design and compact construction. The Hana Booth offers room for phone calls, establishes the perfect environment that enhances focus, and ensures privacy in a busy open area.


Campers and Dens Cabins

Freestanding Campers and Den Cabins with add-on furniture make it possible for lounging, impromptu gatherings, and workstations. To design open-plan architecture that blends with your workplace decor, you can choose from a variety of finishes.

The Campers & Dens Cabins offer a secluded environment, creating specific physical boundaries between the visitors at work and staff.

The Cabins’ unfixed and freestanding design makes them a versatile architectural element that may be used on the back of Campers Pods or dispersed across an open-plan workplace.


Spacio Grand Meeting Pod

The hand-selected veneer panels for the outer panels of the Spacio Grand are coupled with black, bronze, and brass frame choices, and each panel is exquisitely accented with brass or bronze strips. Perforated leather, fabric, or a combination of the two can be used for the pod’s inside panels, which are tastefully completed with the same brass or bronze strip design.

It may be customised to any size, ranging from a small conference room for two, four, or ten individuals to a bigger meeting room solution for a single user for private conversations.


Silent Room S Phone Booth

The smallest privacy room option in the Silent Room Pod line is the Silent Room S Phone Booth. It provides a cosy haven of peace and tranquillity away from busy areas for taking important calls and more.


Railway Carriage Pods

When necessary, Railway Carriage Pods can be quickly moved from their fixed position against a wall or against another object. They are perfect for the modern office since they provide soft seating that is comfortable and available with lighting, integrated power, and data connections. A touchscreen room booking system, Bluetooth speakers, and an optional AV screen are additional features of the Railway Carriage Office Pods.

This high-back couch set is fully customisable, can be built to your specifications, and can reflect the brand and personality of your business with original graphics and colour options. There are three sizes of railway carriage pods, ranging from a two-seater to a six-seater. Also, the unit may be ordered with a flat, Pitch (ply only), built-in, or roofless option.


Key Takeaway For Work Pods 2022!

A space to oneself can improve workplace demeanour by a great margin. Lately, modern work pods are the buzz of the market. We at Aprés Furniture know exactly what you are looking for: explore our website further to learn about more options.