Make Your Reception Area Inviting – Check Out These Reception Sofas

Your reception area furniture is the first thing visitors see when they enter your office, setting the tone for the rest of their experience. A warm and inviting reception area can make visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

Furniture plays one of the most important roles in it; colour theme and setting simultaneously as well.

Check out these reception sofas that will make the area inviting and make your guests feel pleased.


190 Aire sofa

Comfort is key when it comes to making your reception area inviting. Visitors should be able to sit down and relax while they wait for their appointment or meeting. Providing comfortable seating options will ensure enough space for people to move around is vital.

The 190 Aire Sofa screams comfort. It is soft, has wide seats, and reclining backrests that can be adjusted as per the user. This sofa is 80% recyclable, but this does not mean the quality of the material has been compromised. Aire is durable and has an internal load-bearing structure with a unique tension system.


Zeus Modular Sofas

A flexible and functional reception area can help visitors feel more comfortable and welcome. Versatile furniture pieces such as the Zeus Modular Sofa can take you a long way.

Zeus is simple and elegant and is a fit for every environment since it can be configured in any way. It can become a single sofa unit or a few can be put together to make a longer sitting area. This allows people to sit and maintain their space from the others beside them.

It has detailed upholstery and a steel base giving it strength. Add a few tables with it to finish the look.


Shuffl Modular Sofa

Plants can help to make any space feel more inviting, and this is especially true for reception areas. Greenery can help to create a sense of calm and tranquility, which can be very welcoming for visitors.

What is better than furniture that incorporates planters? Our Shuffl Modular Sofa takes care of it. This soft seating unit has storage where you can store magazines or newspapers and a plant box that works as both, a table or a sofa divider. You can customise the upholstery of the sofa to complement the theme of the reception area.


Reef Sofa Seating

The Reef Seating Collection smartly combines style with the functionality required by a reception sofa. Adding a colourful touch to your reception area can make it feel more energising and inviting.

Reef is meant to be inspiring and playful. The sides of the sofa unit are upholstered in colourful fabrics adding life to the space. The guest can easily sit on it in any way they like.


Key Takeaway For Reception Area!

In essence, making your reception area inviting is essential for creating a positive first impression, and furniture is a key aspect of doing it.

Trust Apres Furniture for taking care of all such requirements. We have comfortable, functional, and personalised furniture, helping you turn your reception area into a warm and welcoming space for visitors. Call us today and explore further.