Lose That Office Chair Causing Sciatica – Get These Instead

Sciatica is a term for leg discomfort, achiness, numbness, or tingling. It is brought on by pressure or damage to the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is a condition when the sciatic nerve, which begins in the lower back and goes down the back of each leg, is under a lot of pressure or has been damaged. This can be a cause of bad posture in a chair for long hours.

It is a given that no workplace wants its employees to suffer from this problem. A task chair made with quality material and keeping in mind the ergonomics that it takes to avoid health issues becomes the most valid option.

Continue with this post to learn about office chairs at Après Furniture, which are incredibly designed to support your body healthily.


Yeah! Swivel Task Chair

There are many vibrant hues to choose from when purchasing a swivel Yeah! Task Chair. These office chairs, developed by Michael Kläsener, offer a wide range of options for the conference room and workplace.

This task chair features a swivel base and is equipped with the ‘Similar’ mechanism for further comfort. This mechanism promotes dynamic sitting by carefully balancing the movements of the seat and backrest. In addition, the four-degree seat tilt offers maximum comfort, so you’re good to go with this one.


T-Sit Office Chair

The T-Sit Office Chair provides the user with a relaxing, ergonomic seating option. This office chair stands out for its excellent ergonomic features and aesthetically beautiful aluminium “T-shape” back yoke design, which is all crafted from sustainable resources.

With a synchronisation mechanism that has three positions, it guarantees that the user will be comfortable when sitting. The back posture is supported with adjustable lumbar support that can hold up to 120 kg of weight. The seat depth can also be altered based on the user’s height.



Sim-O Office Chairs, with the option of fully upholstered or optional mesh backrests, provide an excellent price/performance ratio for an all-around contemporary task seating solution.

While the Syncro-Automatic system delivers sophisticated bodyweight adjustment, the user-friendly Synchro-Quickshift mechanism enables swift individual adjustment. Armrests with height and width adjustments offer comfort for the neck and shoulders. The anatomical backrest curves add even more support to all of these ergonomic elements, which are all created to offer the best support while performing task-based work.



The goals of productivity, health, and safety must all be met via task-sitting ergonomics. Proper ergonomic design is required to avoid repetitive strain injury and other musculoskeletal problems that might progress over time and cause long-term issues.

The OTS Task Chair encourages mobility in the body to support varied sitting positions while taking into account the tasks, functions, and requirements of both the user and the surroundings.


Key Takeaway For Office Chair Causing Sciatica!

Employee health has to be at the top of your list when arranging furniture for your office layout. A good office chair will give you both comfort and functionality, so head over to navigate further across our website at Après Furniture to learn about the options available.