How To Manage Stress In A Working Environment?

There are very few professions which don’t involve stressful elements at some time or another. Offices are no different – whether it is a high pressure, fast paced company, a role which becomes monotonous, or friction with colleagues of customers; there are plenty of things that can stress us out.

We take a look at some ways of managing stress levels in a working environment.

Stay organised

Do the pressures of multi-tasking eat away at your sometimes? You might start with a ‘to do list’, but before you can complete it, there are other tasks which must take priority. Being able to deal with a number of obligations concurrently is just part of business life. You can ease the stress of multi tasking by accepting that you can’t do everything in one day, and by staying organised – from ticking off your tasks in writing or a computer program, to ensuring that your desk is uncluttered and arranged cleverly.

Take lunch away from your desk

If you eat at your desk by habit, you are missing an opportunity to ‘de-stress’ during your lunch hour. Staying at our desk or meeting pods, rather than getting some fresh air, can mean we are not taking a genuine break, with the afternoon becoming a long slog to home time. Eating lunch outside the office gives us the chance to nourish ourselves and reboot, before tackling the rest of the day. Plus, it can be unhygienic to use your desk as a dining table.

Comfort is key

Comfort isn’t all about luxury furniture. Do you have a desk chair which is hard to adjust to the right height? Or perhaps you are developing a form of repetitive strain injury through constant typing? These are things which should not go ignored, as they can contribute to stress in the long term. Ensure that your chair and executive desks are comfortable to use for extended periods, and that you employ aids such as wrist rests for typing.

Manage your start to the day effectively

If getting to work flustered is a regular occurrence for you, then perhaps it is time to stop the mad rush. Panicking as you try to navigate the morning commute can set you off on the wrong foot for the day. By giving yourself more time to prepare for work, and then travel to the office, you can arrive at your desk in a more calm manner, ready to embrace the challenges of the day.

Musical interludes

Music has been found to impact on the psychobiological stress system, potentially reducing stress. For this reason, consider storing some music on your telephone, which you can play on the way to work, or during breaks. You might find that a few tunes help you switch off, and that you actually arrive back at work more refreshed. But beware of playing music in the work place too much, as this can become a distraction.

Stress at work is entirely normal, but we must find ways to manage it, or it could become too much. Remember these ways to help you enjoy the working week more, rather than simply trying to make it to the weekend!