How Have Privacy Desks Evolved?

Furniture solutions in modern times have evolved exponentially over the past few decades. Today, offices have grown concerned about employee well-being and, as a result, made relevant improvements to their spaces. The same is the case with desks, which have transformed over time, particularly since the 1980s, in terms of how they look, how people manage their daily work schedules, and how they access and store information.

Our business world is more prominent than ever before, thanks to technology. Everything above means that our desks are less cluttered, and we can work almost anywhere and at any time.

Let’s read on and check out a few features that have evolved in privacy desks over the past few decades.



In the 1990s, people used to prefer large desks to place their belongings, office documents, and other office-related stuff on them. This resulted in cluttering their desks and making it a panic environment for themselves while also making it difficult for them to find what they wanted. However, in this modern era, office pedestals have taken the lead, making the desks decluttered while providing organized space for the staff.

The best part is that people are provided with desk pedestals placed beneath their private desks to respect individuals’ privacy. Apres Furniture’s Wave Pedestal suits this category best.



People sitting next to each other can easily access information displayed on computer screens and scattered documents in open benching systems. Even though employees are working toward a common goal, inter-departmental information security is always a concern.

Open benching setups are more vulnerable to information leaks than encapsulated setups. Desk dividers, whether enclave desk panels or back panels, protect computer screens from public view, thus aiding in maintaining data confidentiality and compliance. This feature was neglected in the past decades and is now overcome by partitions providing the employees with private desks.

For instance, Van Duysen Bench Desk provides employees with the best private desks in the workplace.


Teamwork Without Breach

Working in teams is essential to an office system, but this does not necessarily mean one can breach privacy. In the 2000s, open work spaces became more common, and cubicles were removed. It was believed this promoted a collaborative environment where employees could see each other.

Today, however, even open-plan offices promote privacy. With no compromise on an employee’s personal space, a specific type of office furniture is installed to separate the workstations. Apres Furniture’s Ten-up Operative Desks are just the right example of that. With quad desks that are partitioned with screen dividers for the employees working on it, this desk is ideal for working collaboratively while also staying limited and private. The best part is, they can conveniently be removed as well.


Key Takeaway For Privacy Desks!

Après Furniture has proven to provide the best private desks to any organization while keeping all essential factors and needs of each employee in mind; because employees are an important asset to any organization. Our staff is always available to assist you and can prepare the furniture to your specifications.