Here Is How You Can Revamp Your Reception Seating

When someone walks into your office for the first time, you only get one chance to make a good impression. Usually, that chance is in your reception area. When dealing with visitors, such as job candidates or potential customers, it is crucial to nail that impression. Visitors should get a sense of your company’s priorities and personality as soon as they enter the front desk and welcome area.

The talks and job interviews that will come after should go well based on that first impression. Après Furniture has a range of reception seating that can give a perfect look to your reception.


Spacious Areas With Welcoming Décor

Most small businesses do not have a lot of money set aside in their budgets for a large, spacious reception room. However, you can still do several things to make a small place appear bigger and calmer. To start, clear the area of clutter and reduce the size of the furnishings. In addition to design, you may minimize the likelihood of things appearing crowded by ensuring that visitors are not kept waiting for too long in the reception area.

Après Furniture’s Zeus Armchair is understated, sophisticated, and exquisite. The intricate upholstery of this office reception armchair harmonizes with a delicate circular steel base to create a style that is both linear and timeless.


Warm Colors Can Be A Source Of Comfort

Consider using a warm or upbeat colour if the front desk’s primary goal is to make guests feel welcomed. A neutral or cold colour will work best if you are trying to create a tranquil atmosphere. Additionally, if a business attempts to present a vibrant or optimistic outlook, using brightly coloured accents might be a terrific way to invigorate the front desk.

The colours of your business can be used in your reception area, but do not feel constrained to them. Après Furniture’s Time Bench has an under-shelf for magazines and is intended for breakout and waiting areas. Since you can customize them in any colour of your choice, explore around the shade card to see what tone would suit your waiting area. As an alternative, a backrest or seat divider insert can be installed in the area ideal for a business reception.


An Integral Part Of The Office Presentation

The welcome area is one place where an office’s usual harsh fluorescent lighting may benefit from an improvement. Natural light is generally cosier and easier on the eyes than artificial light.

If possible, position the furniture to make the most of the existing natural light in the room. You can experiment with lighting sources to determine which produces the type of lighting that looks the best in your front desk area.

Après Furniture’s Track Chair offers small-footprint, cosy cushioned seating. When paired with bigger landscape pieces like the upholstery systems Perimeter or Boundary or with breakout zones surrounding occasional tables, the Track chairs provide the ideal seating solution.


Key Takeaway For Reception Seating!

With over decades of experience, Après Furniture provides a wide range of office furniture items to choose from and ensures that your reception has the best possible outlook.