Does You Office Need Acoustic Furniture?

The combination of excessive noise and lousy acoustics is arguably one of the worst things that can happen to a workplace’s morale. It has been established that excessive noise in the office leads to an increase in disruption as well as a decrease in both motivation and productivity. As a result, making improvements to the office workplace is essential for lowering noise levels and having good acoustics; this is something that should be kept in mind when planning an office remodel.


Controlling Stress

Without excessive levels of noise adding to the already stressful environment of your busy office, deadlines and the operations of the modern workplace can already be difficult. Employees would be able to concentrate better and work without interruption on days when they are under more pressure to produce if acoustic office furniture is used to reduce noise pollution in the workplace.

Après Furniture’s Acoustic Room Mini is a stylish glass and steel business phone booth with excellent acoustics. Its LED lighting strip, power, and active ventilation offer a fantastic retreat from workplace noise. It is compact and aesthetic, tackling the noise problem and adding to the looks of the entire space.


A Better Posture

The disturbance that noise pollution can produce can encourage laziness, tiredness, and slouching, which, over time, can have a negative impact on your posture and ultimately increase the risk of musculoskeletal illnesses. Our Hana acoustic booths are effective even in the most active environments, creating quiet places in demanding, noisy workplace spaces.

Thanks to the phone booth’s ergonomic design and compact construction, Hana booths can serve perfectly in a tiny space. These booths guarantee room for phone calls and produce the perfect environment that enhances focus and ensures privacy in a busy open area.


Increased Productivity & Motivation

Productivity and motivation are closely related, and they can both suffer significantly from excessive noise. Being subjected to distracting noises can make focusing difficult, especially when working on more strenuous activities.

Purchasing acoustic office furniture will quickly increase morale and output. This will not only make workers feel more at ease in a less stressful work atmosphere, but it will also convey that you appreciate and care about their well-being, improving their attitude toward their work and increasing productivity.

The Hako soundproof pods enhance the acoustics of modern workplace spaces. They are inspired by industrial architecture and warehouses. It emphasizes the modular appearance of its structure by making a reference to conventional Japanese grid systems.

At Apres, we can design multipurpose architectural pieces, ranging from a meeting space that can accommodate many people to a private pod. Since the bottom of the booth has been removed, it offers mobility, fulfils the needs of persons with disabilities, is wheelchair accessible, has automated lighting, offers an effective ventilation system, is simple to manage cables, and is stable.


Key Takeaway For Acoustic Furniture!

The acoustic pods that are currently available in offices are a contemporary amenity. Apres Furniture has over three decades of experience in the furniture business, and we provide a wide variety of products for your office furniture needs.