Concrete Reception Desks – A Guide To Your Office Entrance

What’s the first thing anyone would see when they enter your office? Of course, your reception desk. So, your reception desk is basically the face of your company for first-time visitors, and the way it is designed will help you create an impression on them. While you can get a wooden or acrylic reception desk or even a glass one, we recommend getting a concrete one to achieve the ultimate level of uniqueness and class. The concrete reception desks portray an impressive image and are said to showcase strength. So, they would be an excellent way to create an impression of a strong company.

Here we have a guide for you to tell you how Concrete Reception Desks can be utilized. Let us take you through the process of adding beauty to your office entrance with the concrete reception desk options available at Apres Furniture.


Get the Pre-Designed One

When you are getting a concrete reception desk from Apres Furniture, we have a variety of pre-designed concrete reception desks designed by our professional designers. We have made all of these desks keeping class and uniqueness in mind.


Custom Made

The next option you have is to get a customized concrete reception desk for your entrance. Now, this is an option that could only be found at a couple of furniture stores, and gladly, at Apres Furniture, we are proud of our custom designs. We have a team of professionals that create concrete reception desks for our clients in any style they want.

Once you place an order, our team briefly understands your requirements. After that, we create a cast for your design. Once the cast is all settled, we fill it with a concrete mixture and make sure that it is filled correctly and no space is left unfilled in the cast. Finally, after the removal of the cast, when we have the structure ready, we add the final design touches to the desk.

You can even get any kind of polish you want. Basically, this is an ‘all you want’ reception desk, from design to polish to the final look; it’s all based on your custom requirements.



At Apres Furniture, we make sure all our clients are satisfied and get what they wish for, and our process of making customized concrete reception desks is an example of that. We prefer concrete reception desks over other materials because we believe that they are stronger and more durable comparatively.

If you are looking for a concrete reception desk, you should know that Apres Furniture is your best choice! Take a look at our collection today, and if you think you need customization, we’ll be more than glad to assist.