Chic And Comfortable Office Reception Sofas

Since your office reception is the first area a guest, visitor, or client will step in, it becomes all the more important to give considerable thought when designing it. Its welcoming atmosphere will want people to stay longer, wait patiently, and even come back for more.

Now, which business wouldn’t want that?

Its overall vibe reflects what one must expect further and represents company culture and the value of the people working there. To top it all off, it also adds to employee motivation since individuals enjoy working in a stylish, modern, and cosy office.

With the overwhelming availability of soft seating options on the market, picking one becomes challenging. Let us help you out.

Here are some of the chicest and most comfortable office reception sofas.


Zeus Modular Sofa

The Zeus Modular Sofa is a soft seating solution that might look simple in design, but its elegance can uplift any reception area. Since it can be colour customized, you can play around with tones and shades and see how it changes the room’s vibe.

This timeless sofa system has detailed upholstery with a delicate steel base giving it a minimal look. You can combine any seating sofas to make it one big sofa. It can also be utilized as individual sofas depending upon the requirement of the time.

This functionality and durability make the Zeus Modular Sofas suitable for any workplace.


Stone Soft Seating

PearsonLloyd, a British Design Studio, designed the Stone Soft Seating sofas with simple rounded shapes. It gives a warm appearance to the space, and its minimalistic design does not make the room feel claustrophobic.

It takes its inspiration from nature, stones in particular, and their shapes honed by water. Available in two heights and as a stand-alone sofa or a set with multiple seats, the Stone Soft Seating solution is an example of elegance.

You can add on and make it a complete set with other matching furniture from the same range.


Skyline Modular Sofa

The versatile Skyline Modular Sofa is an intelligent seating solution appropriate for all office environments. Inspired by NYC’s skyline, the designer’s realization of rectangular workspaces called for this sofa.

With the help of square and rectangular seating elements, the Skyline Sofa Solution comes in 23 different modular units. It is ideal for all room sizes and areas where several people are expected.

Its flexibility allows it to be used beyond the reception area. The colour customizability allows for adding twists and unique combos in the room.


Key Takeaway For Office Reception Sofas!

Customers do not particularly enjoy waiting. However, the experience can be made slightly pleasant with the right furniture. It adds to the vibe and environment that they can feel welcomed in. Apres Furniture is your best bet for this. Our vast range of stylish yet versatile reception furniture options that can also be customized will leave you nowhere else to turn to. Reach out to us for a one-on-one interior design consultation.