Best Office Storage Lockers

An office space always has a particular area or section to keep confidential documents and files secure. In addition, since offices have frequent visitors, it is hard to keep track of files that need that special storage treatment; hence there is a possibility of such documents getting lost, misplaced, or stolen.

A move that would resolve this issue is getting good quality, spacious storage lockers that are secure enough to trust that the documents never go missing and are roomy enough to keep things organised.

Storage lockers at Après Furniture are meant to serve in this regard. Continue to read this post ahead to learn about the best office storage lockers in the market.


Electrical Personal Lockers

Personal office storage cells named Electrical Personal Lockers include charging stations inside. They permit employees to leave their laptops or phones in the lockers while attending a meeting or having lunch outside the office.


LockerLine Lockers

The LockerLine Lockers provide a broad selection of lockers for changing rooms that take into account the various requirements of different industries and workplace health and safety regulations. Depending on the intended function, they are constructed using sheet steel in a range of thicknesses.

If you are worried about a bland colour scheme, don’t worry. These lockers are available in several colours and are powder coated. This comprehensive solution includes an upper shelf, clothing rack, towel ring, and drip tray as standard equipment on each of the lockers.


LateralFile Lodge Lockers

For the age of increased screen time, LateralFile Lodge Lockers are the perfect personal office storage solution. By providing secure lockers, employers may foster a sense of belonging amongst the employees. The Lateralfile Lodges provide customised design choices that can complement your company’s identity, style, and adhere to safety procedures. These lodges feature lockable doors and the ability to integrate power so that people may recharge their devices while they work or are in a meeting.

They may be used to divide space or define workplace divisions and are offered in two heights, one width, and one depth. They are an excellent addition to any lively, interior design-driven workspace.


UniteSE Lockers

The UniteSE Personal Storage System has compartments with separate locks that may be put in team areas. Flexible workers may move between workstations while keeping their possessions safely locked and their work-related materials put off in these fantastic desking lockers.


Kontrax Lockers

Silverline created the Kontrax Lockers, which come in many different versions. Depending on your needs, you may select from two depths, seven-compartment layouts, solid vision panels, or vision panels with heightened security.

The Kontrax Lockers come standard with a cam lock installed with a two-key master series, but they may also be customised with a combination lock, a coin-operated lock, or a hasp and staple lock. Coat hooks are also included in the system’s basic model in both the single- and double-tier lockers.

The Kontrax Lockers may be used in a range of settings, including industrial, recreational, public, and commercial ones. They blend a strong framework with a simple design.


Key Takeaway For Storage Lockers!

For organisations finding it hard to shortlist reliable storage lockers, look no further. We at Aprés Furniture have all the best options for a secure storage system and also provide bespoke office storage solutions, so feel free to contact us to learn more.