3 Contemporary Office Furniture Ideas For 2023

Office furniture is a catalyst for productivity and aids professionalism and organisation. From the office layout to its appropriate interior design, the furniture influences the environment within a workplace.

Carpets, chairs, tables, and cushions add to the feeling of a space, and we are here to help you with that.

We realise how the office environment affects individual and collective morale, and the right furniture contributes to that. Explore our choices of some of the most contemporary and executive office furniture options.


Campers And Dens Cabins

At Apres Furniture, we believe that the Campers and Dens Cabins are one of the most luxurious and modern pods we have up for offer.

From a space to relax to one where you can hold impromptu meetings (those too in a very comfortable space), the campers and dens cabin will serve you with everything. The cabins have a uniquely cosy vibe that is ideal for someone who wishes to work privately or seek peace.

It has a semi-open structure that helps define boundaries while making it look one with the space. These are unfixed and freestanding and can be moved around the office as per convenience. Of course, you are at liberty to customise it as you like and one that compliments your office aesthetic.


Wunderwall-Engage Booth System

The Wunderwall-Engage Booth System is one from our ‘engage seating’ range that seeks more teamwork and collaboration. The Wunderwall is a modern, sturdy, freestanding seating booth that does not make the room feel congested.

Its railway booth design suggests that the employees will be working close to each other, allowing for more functionality. Besides, it is easy to assemble and move, so you are always free to play around with furniture settings in the office.


Wyspa High Back Sofas

Wyspa High Back Sofa is from the soft seating range. Its unique, innovative, and one-of-a-kind design is not for ordinary offices.

This Wyspa sofa, in particular, is the brainchild of Christopher Schmidt and Mugi Yamamoto of ITO Design Studio. Its funky shape and colour options make it ideal for informal spaces where your employees might convene for a chat. It sits well in an open-plan space where coworking is expected.

Their sofa cushions are comfortable, and one can sit on them for hours. These can also easily be moved around and rearranged, given their light yet sturdy structure.

This one is perfect for in-camera online meetings because the high and slightly slanted sofa back acts as a background eliminating the rush around you.


Key Takeaway For Contemporary Office Furniture!

From new spaces to ones you are considering renovating, an appropriate and suitable interior design, along with furniture, matters a lot. To top it all off, the option to customise everything as you like is rarely so convenient. Trust us at Apres Furniture for this! We constantly strive to offer modern and stylish office furniture solutions.