Concrete Furniture

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Do you make concrete reception desks?

A custom made Concrete Reception Desk is an impressive piece of furniture to have for your business entrance. Customised and designed to your requirements, we can assist in making a concrete reception desk that expresses the ethos and professionalism of your business.

How long will a Concrete Reception Desk take to make?

Our specialist artisans use techniques similar to that of sculptors by shaping your custom designed reception desk using Styrofoam until its perfect, then making a mould we cast your reception counter using a concrete and sand mixture. Then to finish the reception desk we polish and fit it with modern technology, incorporating access points to allow cable management for telecommunications equipment and data points. For this reason we estimate a project will take approximately 6-8 weeks.

Apres Concrete Reception Desks can also be finished with leather and glass on the desktop and counter top if specified.