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Zeb Stools by distinguished designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. The name Zeb is a nod towards the popular character Zebedee from BBC children’s television series The Magic Roundabout.

So often we find that modern bar stools are simply an extension of an existing seating range. Not so the Zeb Stool. Vitra designers Barber & Osgerby developed each and every individual component with unrivalled precision, resulting in superior quality high stools for a variety of interiors. A great option for office breakout areas, bars and restaurants, as well as for agile working at bar height tables.

The column sleeve of Zeb Stools is available in four different colours or chrome, and can be combined for each seat, which creates a variety of unique aesthetics. Zeb Stools swivel and are height adjustable so that every user can find their perfect seating position.

A beautifully conceived and perfectly executed range of modern bar stools, the Zeb High Stool is available in 5 different versions. 

Vitra Zeb Bar Stools range:

Zeb Stool Wood: seat of natural solid oak or dark solid oak with a protective natural lacquer finish
Zeb Stool Leather: seat of split leather Liso which is slightly padded for comfort
Zeb Stool Soft: standard leather upholstery
Zeb Stool Foam Back: a seat shell made of polyurethane foam with a medium-high backrest. 
Zeb Stool Gym: a vault style seat upholstered in standard leather

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