W-Lounge Sound Chair

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Relax and be fully immersed. A chair which has an impact on the senses with hearing, sight and touch. The W-Lounge Sound with integrated sound system is a unique sound experience at the highest level. Only the person sitting in the seat can experience the convincing sound quality from the speaker system integrated into the top section of the chair. Everyone else hears hardly anything. This unique piece of furniture was developed in co-operation with infrasonics GmbH which introduced a power napping system in the premium health care sector with their patented “inPulser” sound cushion a few years ago. Together with WAGNER, the patented system was perfectly adjusted for the W-Lounge Chairs to establish a connection with the sound bar via a Bluetooth smartphone, tablet or TV. (Battery runtime: about 40 – 50 hours).

4-foot pedestal with height adjustment, matt
4-foot pedestal with height adjustment, polished
4-foot pedestal with height adjustment, black
Bluetooth connection
Dondola®³ Seat mechanism
Integrated InPulser sound system

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