Vis Display Shelving

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A versatile piece of office furniture, Vis Display Shelving can be used as storage, display and also as a room partitioning element in your open plan office.

Vis Display Shelving utilises horizontal and vertical planes – an “openness” is arrived at through constructional detailing.

All the shelves in Vis are connected to each other with a chord that runs through the vertical beams. These beams are elliptical in shape, suggesting a strong feeling of direction. During the installation, the direction of each column section is a free choice, so no two Vis Display Shelving Cabinets will be the same.

Enjoy a series of interrelations inside the context of the structural system, where the beams all end up pointing at different directions, thus creating the unique dynamism for each and single cabinet.

A selection of colours are available for the vertical panels, all in unison, in a monochromatic tone or various hues. This flexibility can create another level of dynamism, to contrast with the beige-white vertical beams.

Vis Storage Cabinets can be used in combination with Borges Operational Desk, producing an organic structure where partitions, storage elements and desks intermingle visually and functionally.

Design: Studio Kairos

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