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UVD Disinfection Robot

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Introducing the fully autonomous UV-C disinfection solution to protect your staff and customers from the invisible infection threat.

UVD Robots stands for Ultra-Violet Disinfection Robots. They utilise the effects of high intensity ultra-violet light sources to destroy infectious bacteria and disinfect rooms & surfaces without human intervention – improving work environment, patient safety levels and operational efficiency for customers.

With the recent global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, personal hygiene and employee health/safety are more important than ever before, the use of UVD robots, can drastically improve your workplace hygiene and significantly reduce the risk of spreading harmful bacteria.

The UVD robots, once programmed/initiated are fully autonomous, manoeuvring themselves as required and dispensing UV-C light in a 360 degree radius, killing all bacteria that it hits – including COVID-19.

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Autonomous mobile solution.
Eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria & supports normal cleaning routines.
Prevents & reduces the spread of infectious micro-organisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA structure.
Safe, reliable and user friendly as it can be operated by cleaning staff.
With motion sensors, the system distinguishes humans from other visible objects to prevent damage to human health.
Reduces infection rates and business operating costs.
Fast and efficient disinfection process.
Easy to install and operate.


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Produced to your requirements