Temptation C Adjustable Desks

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Temptation C Adjustable Desks bring together design, ergonomics and quality. With the option eithergas or electric height-adjustment features the Temptation C Height Adjustable Desks can be set to meet each individuals needs without compromising the clear-cut and aesthetically pleasing design line.

With five different height adjustment settings, Temptation C Office Desksprovide perfect ergonomics when working. Whichever technology you opt for, alternating from a sit to standing posture guarantee that working is kind on the back. A flexible working environment increases productivity.

The ergonomic Temptation C-Frame Desk and the Temptation 4-Leg Frame Desks can be freely combined with one another in order to create a workstation or a conference system.

The clear-cut shape involving right angles is typical of the entire desk family. Temptation C Office Desk is not only extremely economic but also future-proof as it can be quickly and easily adapted to suit any situation.

The Temptation Range also includes the Temptation Four Desk Bench and the Temptation Twin Desks

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