Telephone Cube

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Telephone Cube is a telephone booth with independent and flexible installation.‎ The interior is made with a wooden acoustic panel with a functional track for height-adjustable shelf, the exterior with a choice of melamine or magnetic film for blackboard, the door and the back with composite safety glass and anti-noise film .‎ The suspended acoustic ceiling is covered in felt, integrated lighting (direct and indirect) and ventilation.‎

The world of work is changing fast: globalization and digitalization demand increasing flexibility from companies and their employees.‎
New working concepts such as the home office, co-working, and shared spaces are becoming increasingly common.‎ The increasing importance of creative knowledge-based work also means that for companies the creation of optimal performance spaces is an economic factor of enormous importance.‎ These changes mean new challenges for the spaces in which we work.‎ These, too, have to adapt flexibly to changing requirements, change their position, and transform their appearance.‎ At the same time the factors of cost, efficiency and sustainability must not be lost sight of.‎ The new generation of the Bosse human space meets all these requirements.‎
It is not only the answer to the challenges of the modern world of work, but also meets the highest aesthetic requirements with its timeless, minimalist design.‎

Telephone Cube is a private office phone booth that provides a single user with acoustic privacy when the open office is noisy. With a footprint measuring 1146 x 1146mm it offers a comfortable environment to accept phone calls be they personal or for business reasons. Well ventilated, the human space cube range of privacy pods can generate between 0 to 750 cubic meters of air an hour, with a low-noise and efficient energy level.

This Space Cube is lined with acoustic materials for undisturbed communication and concentration. The ceiling uses A-rated sound absorbing panels combined with at least 2 acoustically lined walls to deliver a sound insulated space of up to 38 dB.

Designed for the modern office, the Telephone Cube features intuitive electrics. Once installed the unit just needs to be plugged in (plug and play). Featuring an IP 56 design (splash proof), lighting and ventilation are controlled centrally by rotary dials in the door frame. The low energy consumption lighting is infinitely dimmable from 0 to 500 Lux to the workspace.

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