Tama Executive Desk

Tama Executive Desk creates space for thinking and decision making.


Master craftsmanship: the high-quality wood veneer has been drawn over table top and curves with an innovative vacuum process. The result: an exceptional surface and body. Tama Desk creates space for thinking and decision making, and integrates useful features for confidential work.

A balancing act of lightness and strength, simplicity and complexity, momentum and rest, form and sensuousness – pure inspiration. The extension of the desk with container and drawer opens almost without contact. A light brush of your hand along the body and it slides open, revealing an inner tray lined with soft leather. A private compartment, available with lighting if required – a compartment which, every time it is used, is like opening a small treasure chest.

How do you rethink the desk? How do you shape a table that gives birth to ideas? It should be organic in any case, as there are no right angles in nature – this is the decision the EOOS designers came to. The one-of-a-kind piece of furniture sculpture was made possible by the craftsmanship of the Walter Knoll development team, who developed a variety of entirely innovative construction and veneer techniques for Tama Desk.

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