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PROOFF #009 StandAlone Booth is a free standing screen based unit which shelters you, giving you privacy while working on your laptop, tablet or talking on your phone. StandAlone office booth comes standard with a roof, creating your own little world of privacy. The standing position of the StandAlone privacy booth keeps you standing while working, helping you burn calories thus keeping you fit.

Making use of multiple StandAlone office booths together create an almost forest like appearance of trees in the office. StandAlone gives you what nature does to you: giving you tranquillity and room to breathe.

StandAlone office booths is the newest family member of the Niche and PhoneBox range. The acoustic base is upholstered in fabric and available in a range of vibrant colours and qualities.

#009 StandAlone only takes approximately 1m2 of space and is equipped with a worktop; a charging point and lighting is optional. It offers the perfect means to duck out at the office and in public spaces like restaurants and hotel lobbies, transition areas, health care centres, universities and libraries.

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