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Spacio Phone Booths® solve office related problems associated with staff looking for privacy in the open plan office.

Providing enough space for a single user, Spacio Phone Booths® provide 95% speech privacy for personal calls, Skype video conference calls or a space for uninterrupted work with integrated lighting and air circulation fan. Equipped with the best acoustics on the market, Spacio Phone Booth® offers a quiet space with the option of adding furniture. You can specify your Spacio® with or without small shelf and then furnish it with either a stool or chair. Built in power and data are optional extras.

Spacio Phone Booths® are constructed using glazed glass and acoustic lined upholstered straight screen panels, with a clear hinged door. Easy to install and mobile should you ever need to relocate to a new office, Spacio® Office Phone Booth can be easily moved if required. The amount of upholstered and clear panels can be changed but bear in mind that the upholstered panels add to the acoustic effectiveness of the office phone booth.

Spacio Phone Booths® are the most cost effective solution against fixed partitioning, saving as much as 90% of the original costs on just one move in its life. Spacio® Pods are a true system solution, comprising of simple building blocks, all interchangeable to allow easy reconfiguration of any variation.

Spacio® Office Phone Booth Dimensions: 1140mm x 1140 m x 2510mm

Colours/Fabrics: The panels of the screens can be upholstered in various colours and fabric options. Spacio Phone Booths now offer two standard external frame finishes to choose from, namely Galaxy Dark and Comet Ice.

Apres Furniture have an extensive range of acoustic Spacio Meeting Pods, Spacio Mini Pods
, allowing you to divide open spaces and create closed or partially closed rooms. Their complete flexibility and simple assembly means that you can experiment, different layouts to suit the requirements of a particular team or project, easily and effectively.

nOver 80% of workers believe a quieter environment would enable them to be more productive whilst the actual physical symptoms of stress reduces by 27% – David M. Sykes Ph.D. (2004).

Please contact us or download our Spacio® Brochure from this page for more information.

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