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Silent Wall allows for the division of space and optimises acoustics in open plan office environments creating private and productive working environments. Silent Wall provides flexible modular solutions to create effective space division when permanent built-in components are too complicated.

Silent Wall acoustic screen system consists of four panels, one technology panel for mounting the screens and connecting these to tables, and two corner columns. Silent Wall elements can be arranged to create different interiors to suit any open plan office space, and they are easy to plan and assemble. The wall elements of Silent Wall come in two heights and have insulating panels on the inside. These panels are outfitted with a perforated steel plate layer or textile cover.

With Vitra Silent Wall the screen panel system can accommodate numerous dynamic, interactive requirements, making the system ideal for creating meeting areas with tables and media walls. Boxes can be created in open plan offices in essence creating a “room within a room”. These can be used by employees as areas to retreat to for concentrated work, teamwork and meetings.

Silent Wall’s acoustic insulation helps keep out external noises whilst also reducing the noise level inside the Silent Wall space.

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