Plot Modular Sofa

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Plot Modular Sofa system from Berlin based design duo osko and deichmann offers a contemporary solution to the modern agile office. Plot modular sofa system inspires and offers a solution to creating spaces for staff to use it in their unique way.

Every person may use Plot soft seating in their own unique way. While taking a seat, the user may change their posture and the furniture will serve each user – for some it will be a space to rest or communicate while others it will provide a temporary office space or an oasis of tranquillity. Plot modular sofa offer users multilevel seating, allows different seating positions and encourages informal communication. Plot lounges cape invites people to return and interpret seating in a new way.

Plot Modular Sofa is versatile offering three cushioned surfaces, users can use the in various ways – as a backrest, table, couch, chair or tablet where items can be placed. The tops distinguish themselves in colour and material from the sides. With a wide range of colour combinations and modules, plot can be adapted to many different types’ office environments.

Plot provides space for storing personal items. It offers optional tablets for use in areas where people carry bags and other items. Larger seating landscape configurations for use as different communication areas can be created using add-on elements.

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