Physix Office Swivel Chair

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Physix Office Swivel Chair was designed by Alberto Meda for Vitra and based on the idea of creating a continuous seat shell by stretching fabric across two side beams.

Made of cutting-edge materials and production technology, Physix Office Swivel Chair combines a flexible frame construction, an elastic weave cover and a stabilising mechanism to create a new ergonomic dynamic sitting experience. 

Vitra Physix Chairs are sophisticated, efficient and offer flexibility, stability and ergonomic support. The organic side beams made of polyamide are bendable and the stretch cover follow the user’s movements in all directions, even diagonally, when the user leans back or looks over his/her shoulder in Physix Task Chair for example. In this way, the chair provides a precisely controllable, weight-dependant range of motion. These elements create a very congenial construction that, with its combination of rigid and flexible  parts, re-explores the boundaries of dynamic sitting.

Aesthetically, the knit fabric‘s transparency gives the Physix Office Chair a certain lightness and allows for finely nuanced colour combinations.

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