PhoneSpace Phone Booth

The PhoneSpace Phone Booth is an acoustic privacy phone booth for taking phone calls, telephone interviews, conference calls or just that ideal free space to withdraw to and carry out some focused work.

The PhoneSpace, as well as any other pod in the Vetrospace collection, redefines silence. Merely stating a -dB level isn’t accurate enough and doesn’t convey the real sense of the sound management that the phone booth offers. By carrying out the most-up-to-date tests, you can be sure that the acoustic performance of Vetrospace products is not only exceptional but also clear and understandable.

The sound testing results are presented as the ‘Speech Reduction Index’ or the Ds level. The PhoneSpace booth is Ds 26,5 dB. Then there is the ‘Speech Transmission Index’, or STI, and this is the level of noise perceptible from outside the telephone booth at the level of normal effort speech. The PhoneSpace Phone Booth measures at 0,08 and anything under 0,05 is considered perfect. The Vetrospace privacy units have been tested with both standard background noise (42 dB) and generally detectable lower background noise (35 dB). At all levels of background noise, the ultimate sound absorption of the pods and booths ensure a functional private workspace for all applications.

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