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Offset Table is a family of desks and benches called Offset after the off-centre position of the gap, the collection designed by Tomas Alonso for Maxdesign helps you organise your work space. Studies have shown that we tend to separate the working area into two parts, one being more organised for working, and the other part for keeping items we only use when we need them. Offset Table introduces a boundary by means of a physical gap between these two areas to help define and organise, intern making you more productive. With the gap on a desktop surface (90 cm deep) it has a 2/3-1/3 ratio, the working space being the bigger area than the storage part. The productive area is easy to keep clean.

The Offset Table range offers three sizes of individual desks starting from 900mm, 1800 going upto 2400mm in width for single users. While the shared Offset Tables which allow for larger teams come in sizes 1200mm, 1800mm going upto 4000mm in width. This allows the Offset Table to be used in open plan offices geared towards collaborative working and in meeting spaces.

With the introduction of the gap on the Offset Work Table, dividing the active from the inactive space this also raised some additional questions: can the line help those who share the workspace to divide the work area, limiting while allowing communication? By making available a series of desktop accessories which attach to the gap, this could help increase the productivity.

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