Oblivion Privacy Workstations

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Oblivion Privacy Workstations were invented to solve the problem of noisy open plan offices and the lack of private space that often comes with such working environments.

Oblivion is a versatile conception and, as such, doesn’t just manifest itself as one solution. Oblivion is an office partitioning system, an office meeting pod and a communal workplace in microcosm. Oblivion creates an office within an office – walls where building or budgetary constrictions mean permanent rooms cannot be created. Cabling can be integrated into the design alongside fixtures for LED lights. Not only that, but a host of office furniture pieces can be added to this modular workspace such as benches, office desks, or even beds for a nap!

Oblivion Privacy Workstations designer Koray Malhan explains: “Oblivion can be tailored to fit every project and function – the base and tip define the diameter of the cone-shaped void and within the structure shelves, desks, cabinets, seats and much more can be configured.”

Oblivion Privacy Workbays are essentially an internal pod system that serves a variety of needs within the modern office. Its circular form and high walls suggest an ancient typography; with private and meditative flexible space contained within. The round geometry of the structure promises a form of endlessness, in which there is no beginning or end. The intention is to create circular voids, rather than offer a series of boxes. Oblivion Modular Workstation is infinitely adaptable, and can offer myriad spatial experiences to the user.

Offering a notable design statement within the space, Oblivion Office Workstations provides inherently flexible solutions for the changing needs of the user. Step into the void, and experience the office in an entirely new and unique way.

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