NoTable Adjustable Bench Desk

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NoTable Height Adjustable Bench Desk by Norbert Geelen.

NoTable is the result of careful design and functionality research. NoTable by Norbert Geelen is an all-around product with a strong expressive personality, which remains sleek and elegant.

NoTable Height Adjustable Bench Desk has an impressive range of 68cm – 140cm. This offers just about anyone of any height a sit-stand solution at the office. Staff can change their position throughout the day. Studies have proven that alternating between standing and sitting at work has a positive effect on health and subsequently improves work rate and morale. Adjustable height bench desks are also ideal for new employees, so they can feel comfortable in the office straight away, as well providing hotdesking solutions.

This modern office table’s focal point is its base which was conceived as the union of several main elements, but separated from each other to provide the product’s character. The top rests on two or more tubular frames connected to each other, but separated from the legs. There can be two or four legs depending on the size and shape of the top.

Choose from the NoTable Single Bench, NoTable Meeting Tables as well as this NoTable Height Adjustable Bench Desk.

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