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Myriad Modular Sofa is a modern soft seating range which provides an infinite range of configurations. Myriad sofa range offers a diverse selection of upholstered modular sofa elements, completely flexible and reconfigurable. Allowing you to create just about any seating configuration you can imagine, Myriad modular sofa answers the demands of the modern constantly changing office. You can create comfortable meeting areas, private huddle spaces and seating islands, the opportunities are endless. The range is comprises of eleven linkable seating elements, three privacy screens, side tables and arms that provide the option to accommodate power points.

Myriad enables you to become the designer of your space, with all the sofa elements available in the collection you can create any shape you require. However, we all know that sometimes two heads are better than one. In that case if you need some help, Apres consultants are always on hand with some suggestions.

Here’s what Myriad modular sofa can offer you:

Myriad Seating Huddles – A modern working environment made to be comfortable and welcoming is a space that encourages you to thrive in. Now creating spaces where people come together to communicate and collaborate helps generate the best ideas. Using Myriad modular seating elements you can create team focus huddle environments in small or large U shapes. These can incorporate arms with charging points and even have a Portal AV screen to view presentations if required.

Myriad Seating Chain – Make the most of your space with Myriad seating chain configurations. Create winding snake, face-to-face butterfly or Zig-zag seating arrangements. These are all possible with the Myriad 120 degree inward and outward seating elements.

Myriad Seating Islands – Seating islands are great for people on the go and not enough time to settle down at a desk. In the new era of agile working touchdown connectivity is key. Myriad seating provides both the elements to create solutions like islands wit integrated power. Create Cruciform, Island or Propeller seating configurations depending on the type of space available.

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