Muvman Factory Sit-Stand Stool

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The Muvman Factory Sit-Stand Stool is the first active seat for standing/sitting that through innovative technology and ergonomics meets all the demands of the workplace without compromise.

Muvman Factory Ergonomic Stool sets benchmarks for range of movement, flexibility and sitting heights for use in retail, laboratories, medical practices and production shops. It also makes a clear statement in design: stylish, elegant, distinctive.

Muvzonethe multidimensional movement element in the baseplate: Provides maximum sideways movement, extends your reach and ensures an optimum sitting posture with respect to the working surface.
Tilted spring strut:
Relieves the intervertebral discs and encourages an upright posture with respect to the working surface.
Convex seat with flexible front edge:
The shape of the seat encourages an upright posture and the flexzone prevents pressure points at seat edges.
Sturdy baseplate:
Extremely stable with no danger of toppling.
Carrying handle: Practical handle for carrying the muvman to wherever it is needed.

Muvman Factory Stool features a seat height adjustment range: 51cm – 84cm (HIGH version: 60cm – 93cm) via gas spring.

Main Benefits:

• Acts against rigid standing and sitting
• Improves posture
• Extends reach
• Relieves and strengthens the back
• Strengthens and exercises muscles
• Stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow
• Supports blood circulation and
supply of oxygen

Please see the product brochure below for specifications.

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