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Handcrafted Mr & Mrs Chairs pay respectful homage to their stately grandeur, whilst incorporating contemporary touches that make them suitable for today’s  corporate lounge arena as well as hospitality and boutique hotel environments. Designed to sit amiably alongside sofas and other furnishings, both chairs can of course be used as standalone pieces to make a bold design statement.

Both the height of the Mr & Mrs Wing Chairs and their corresponding details have been a careful consideration in the design appeal and personality of this duo. Whilst the high backed version offers a masculine feel with full under frame, full seat and wooden buttons, the low-backed chair comes complete with loose cushions, border, fabric buttons and leg detail. Such is the flexibility of this range that the detail from both chairs may be transferred to each other, if preferred.

Mr Chair is taller, with broader shoulders and thicker wooden legs. Mrs Chair is more petite and curvaceous; she has less linear angles and more delicately turned legs.

Mr and Mrs Armchairs wear a precisely shaped coat consisting of six panels stitched together by skilled seamstresses. Upholsterers are intimately familiar with the shape and contours of the chairs, knowing that each requires a personal touch to stretch the coat over the frame and fasten it with a hidden zip running down the back. This hands-on, attention-to-detail approach is worth it. She is a lady, and he a gentleman, after all.


Mr High Back Wing Chair: Height: 1120mm  Width: 780mm  Depth: 780mm  Seat Height: 450mm
Mrs Low Back Wing Chair
:  Height: 960mm  Width: 730mm  Depth: 760mm  Seat Height: 450mm

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