InnerSpace Mobile Shelving

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InnerSpace Mobile Shelving is a high-density filing and archiving storage system by Bisley. Ideal for universities, libraries and any company or institution which requires high density superior quality storage solutions.

Increasing storage capacity up to 100%, the InnerSpace Racking System creates the same storage capacity in 50% less floor space.

InnerSpace is available in either a “Deck” (sits on top of existing floor) or “Access” (incorporated in a raised access floor system) version.

Accommodates roll-out filing frames, media drawers and reference shelves.

The InnerSpace Mobile Shelving is fitted with a clean quiet ergonomic drive mechanism.

Bisley Mobile Storage can cater for all types of media storage and filing solutions, leaving no shelf or drawer unused. Existing Bisley storage such as the SystemFile™ can be built into the design and, most importantly, its installation is pain free.

InnerSpace™ is available in footprints to suit all environments. Unit widths range from 600mm to 1200mm. various heights are available and bays come in both single and double depths. It is possible to configure up to six units together at once without compromising on space or operation.

An anti-tilt mechanism between track and the mobile unit negates the need for permanent fixings of any kind, either to the walls or floors. Most mobile storage is installed using permanent fixings but InnerSpace Storage can be lifted up and rebuilt in any environment, making it the most adaptable solution.

InnerSpace Mobile Storage has been specifically designed for the front office, releasing space where it’s needed most…

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