I.AM Turn Folding Tables

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I.AM Turn Folding Tables is a totally flexible and versatile table base that provides a complete family of product options for the commercial environment. Suitable for hot-desking, breakout areas and offices that require constant change, it can quickly and easily be moved and stored. I.AM Folding Tables are a flexible solution – quite literally!

I.AM Turn is a tilt-top stacking table. By adding frame spacers, legs and feet, the possibilities are endless, accommodating desks and tables with a variety of top widths to infinite length.

I.AM Turn Tables have been designed to be environmentally friendly and with responsibility for recycling in mind. It is manufactured using recyclable materials including steel, aluminium and polypropylene, and is easily disassembled for the recycling process.

The I.AM Turn Folding Tables range is complemented by FUEL, a fully integrated cable management system. FUEL powerboxes are designed to give users easy access to concealed power and data outlets from an unobtrusive worktop location, accessed via a hinged lid. Supplied with table linking mechanisms as a standard feature.

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