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Hush Open Pod is the innovative response to providing more space for collaboration in the workplace, outside of meeting or conference rooms.

The size of one Hush Open Pod is close to the size of two 1400w mm desks and Hush Open S Pod is more like one.

This means that the pod doesn’t take-up too much space and doesn’t necessarily need to be put in a corner, out of the way.

Despite the Hush Open Pods being open on one side, the cushions within the pod provide some subtle acoustics which makes working in the pod quieter than the open office and less distracting for people around the pod when you’re having a conversation in it.

The back panels are made of translucent glass which means that light can pass through and the pod becomes less imposing within the office space and you can also see if it’s occupied from the back as you’ll be able to see the distorted shapes of people working inside.

More people within offices are describing a need for working in quieter spaces to work in privacy, away from their desks. Without these spaces, conference and meeting rooms are being utilised for brief meetings with few people or for focused work for individuals.

These rooms may need to be booked ahead of time, complicating the way they can be accessed and not fully resolving the need for quick conversations away from the desk.

Further to this, meeting spaces are often built into the office as permanent features which limits the flexibility to move the office around and take the construction (and the investment made) with you if the office is relocated.

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