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EJ 123 Toward Sofa

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EJ 123 Toward Sofa is a comfortable lounge seating solution that provides multiple ways of sitting and relaxing. By combining the normal use of an armchair, a chaise longue and a tete-a-tete, this unique design was born

Toward Sofa is the end result and work of Danish architect Anne Boysen and Erik Jørgensen, which began after Anne Boysen won the Erik Jørgensen Design Award in 2011. Anne Boysen was inspired by contemporary monochrome colour trends, focussing on the sensuous detail of the craftsmanship and developing a creative and playful design.

EJ 123 Toward has a base with a mattress and two back rests in different sizes. The two loose and interchangeable cushions further opens up for a versatile appearance and function. To achieve a unique product with high aesthetics, a lot of consideration went into combining the color nuances and texture of the textiles chosen.

The Toward Sofa comes in three different colour schemes: light gray, dark gray, and brown with shoes in solid brass or aluminium.

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