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Dolphin Standing Seat is the result of weeks of field experiments and research with professionals such surgeons and dentists, the aim of which was to create a mobile stool that is both comfortable and practical in every day use.

Stand up seating has often been thought of as uncomfortable, difficult to operate and simply not fit for purpose. Dolphin Sit-Stand Stool is none of these things: it is extremely stable, making work much easier for many groups of professionals who often suffer with work-related back problems due to the lack of appropriate sit-stand solutions.

Dolphin Standing Seat Stool is then a new type of standing seat which allows the user to lean backwards or forwards in confidence, without feeling like they are about to fall off! Depending on the height of the seat, the seat area automatically adapts to the necessary pelvic tilt; an ergonomic benefit demonstrated over some time by office swivel chairs. The seat pan has been designed on the basis of extensive seated profile pressure measurements similar to the specific contour of the human sitting surfaces.

This sit-stand solution is a height adjustable stool; this feature is triggered by a button which is operated by your foot, so your hands remain free to carry on working, ideal in a wide variety of areas, e.g. in office or construction industry, at operating tables or machinery, and even in hair dressing salons. Dolphin provides much-needed support for your back and legs. Thanks to its easy manoeuvrability and well-through-out three-legged design, Dolphin Mobile Stools offer complete freedom of movement and outstanding functions at standing workstations. Castor wheels are lockable.

The perfect complement: Dolphin Standing Table can also be used as a tiltable lectern and has a space-saving nesting design.

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