Dilim Modular Seating

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Dilim Modular Seating is a clever system of modules which allow unsurpassable levels of flexibility for seating configurations.

Dilim can be a modular sofa or a single chair, designed for offices, bars, hotels and waiting areas, and is offered in a way that allows designers to explore the available combinations of coloured fabrics. Dilim Modular Seating can satisfy various requirement with the ability to offer different sizes and options.

The back-to-back version, for example, might be used in offices or various waiting areas, or to complement other furniture systems. The Dilim High Back Sofa version can be used to create a private environment for meetings and working or for reading and resting within common areas. The upholstered surface of the high back sofa assists in helping to isolate noise which might otherwise be a critical problem in open office layouts.

Dilim Modular Soft Seating is fun and practical; a rainbow of colours injected into your office breakout area and informal working environment.

Design: Jan Wertel & Gernot Oberfell

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