Curvy Stacking Chairs

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Curvy Chairs are compact stacking chairs ideal for training, conference, cafe and educational environments.

The Curvy Chair’s slim rod steel frame lends it its rare slenderness; this intern gives the interior full of chairs its transparency. Furthermore, Curvy Chairs are linkable, can be quickly stacked and with its various finishes the Curvy demonstrates its quality as a concept chair with unprecedented possibilities. The Curvy’s ergonomic design enables passive as well as active seating. This makes Curvy suitable as a hall chair, for canteens or seminar rooms as well.

Curvy Compact Stacking Chairs can be stacked up to 45 high on a transport dolly. What little space it takes up! 45 chairs can be stored on a mere 0,6 m2. When Curvy is specified with armrests or upholstery, a transport dolly can carry 32 stacked chairs, and most of the time this is amply sufficient.

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