Cosine Sit-Stand Bench Desks

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Cosine Sit-Stand Bench Desks have been developed to assist staff, promoting an active posture and reduce prolonged sitting time during working hours. With integrated height adjustable mechanism, Cosine sit-stand desk system allow users to vary their working posture from a sitting, and promoting a standing posture as an alternative.

Research shows that adopting a more active working posture by varying your working position from sitting to standing improves wellbeing, burns more calories and increases productivity.

Cosine Sit-Stand Bench Desk offers a two-person back-to-back bench unit and single sit-stand desks. With the Cosine sit-stand bench desk each users has full control of their own workstation, allowing them to set their worktop height based on their desired mode of working. Cosine desks can be adjusted manually by with crank handle or alternatively with a control panel with electric mechanism. Cosine’s electric mechanism offers the option of a programmable 4 position memory function.

nCosine Desks can also be specified as a static bench set at either 740mm or a standing height of 1050mm and can be retrofitted later to incorporate one of the height adjustable options when the budget allows.

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