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Connex2 Office Chair blows a breath of fresh air into any office searching for that new ergonomic chair solution. It’s functions automatically respond to the user’s body posture, supporting and ensuring the ideal sitting position with minimal effort. Apart from seat height, seat depth and lumbar support which all require manual adjustment, everything else is taken care of thanks to the automatic point-synchronised mechanism and 3D seat movement. The Connex2 office chair point-synchronised mechanism allows a wide opening angle when leaning back, keeping constant contact between the backrest and the user’s body. The return force kicks in automatically: for anyone whether they are heavy or light.

The three-dimensional seat movement of Connex2 office chair encourages dynamic lateral left-right movement and supports the natural movement impulse. When the user is leaning forwards in a working position the seat moves with them, thereby reducing the pressure on the underside of the thighs.

Connex2 task chair’s armrests are an integral part and therefore an effective eye-catcher that adds value. They offer outstanding comfort: they move with the user when they recline. The arms are always comfortably in contact with the armrest wraps.  With soft-touch armrests that drop down when the chair is pushed into the desk, it rounds off the intelligent seating experience

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