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Click Operative Desks is part of an office furniture system providing a wide range of ergonomic desking configurations, table tops and storage units.

Characterised by its minimalist aesthetic shape, function and technical performance, Click Operative Office Desk is ergonomically developed and therefore easy to modify or adapt. This innovative system’s common bearing structure makes it possible for flat individual surfaces to be grouped into larger compositions that have different shapes and a unique design.

The particular characteristic of the Click Operative Desks bridge leg and its modularity give rise to a new concept of offices and of office open plan working environments. The appearance of the surface gives the impression of almost floating work tops, weightlessly suspended in the air. 

Click Operative’s latest addition to the collection is the introduction of the boomerang shape of its compact workstation (starting from 160 x 140 cm). Desk worktops are available in white and grey, maple and whitened oak, with frames available in white, grey or a chromium-plated finish. 

Click Operative’s Desk system was designed to make it possible to share the structural parts, therefore doubling the number of workstations while utilising the same structures. The legs have adjustable feet that compensate for any possible unevenness in the flooring.

Click’s exclusive characteristic is the white finishing of the worktops, which has been specially studied for this office furniture collection. In essence, it signifies the realisation of workstations that are operative in full respect for existing safety regulations.

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