CleanSpace Phone Booth

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The CleanSpace Phone Booth provides a highly rated acoustic phone booth for staff to take and make calls or work in comfort. The booth features ISO-7 certified clean-air technology so employees can maximise their potential by eliminating distractions and providing relief from allergies due to dust and mould. A smart ventilation system reduces bacteria and particle levels by up to 99.9% in the air and on surfaces within the space.

The CleanSpace Microbic Booth features a robust and well-constructed metal frame with an acoustic lined sandwich panelling. Triple-layered safety glass includes double-glazed sheets with an acoustic layer in between.

The CleanSpace acoustic booths are adapted for a wide range of environments, in your office or home.

If you’re interested in this exceptional pod or any bespoke office pods like it then please refer to our website at Apres Furniture.

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