Chemistry Height Adjustable Desks

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Chemistry Height Adjustable Bench Desks is a sit stand office workstation solution allowing the user to vary their posture and stand whilst working. Chemistry height adjustable desking provides back to back adjustable desking that allows one to quickly set the desired working height by means of responsive manual crank adjustment or via a push button electronic mechanism.

Chemistry height adjustable desking is designed to fully interact with you, whether you are in a seated or standing position. The ‘H’ Frame of the Chemistry desking range incorporates the mechanics of the system and ensures stability at all heights. Independent desk heights make individual user requirements possible.

Chemistry desking come available with four adjustable options with varying travel to suit exact user requirements. The ‘H’ frame allows one to have manual crank handle adjustable desks combined with electric height adjustable desk and fixed height desks. This great feature helps with large scale projects where you might want consistency throughout the office, but your budget doesn’t allow everyone to have electric height adjustable desks.

Chemistry height adjustable desking is available with a fully integrated quick release cable management system along with dedicated screen options.

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