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Chairless is a simple yet useful seating device for the modern nomad in situations where there are no chairs available. Chairless seat strap is a sturdy strap of fabric allowing you to sit down in a relaxed manner on the floor.

This handy strap device can be used anywhere when there aren’t any chairs like: lunch in the park, while waiting in a crowded airport, a picnic on the lawn, sitting at a concert or reading a book on the beach. Use it anywhere. It is light and compact and can be taken with you everywhere.

The Indians of the Ayoreo tribe in northern Paraguay make use of a seat strap which they tighten around their legs and back. This is where the development of Chairless started.

Vitra have teamed up with a foundation for Paraguayan Indian Communities, an organisation dedicated to securing land as a livelihood for the indigenous population of Paraguay. For every Chairless seat strap sold, part of the proceeds will go towards this worthy cause.

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