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Cellular screen system is modular, combinable helping redefine the way we work in the modern open plan office. Cellular screen system is a well thought out design which makes it easier for staff to concentrate away from their desks. It encourages flexible and collaborative working through the creation cellular spaces for cooperation in couples or teams. First think, then talk. Or the other way round. Or both at once. Welcome to the smallest open-plan office in the world – Cellular.

Cellular allows you to define its function each day anew – create private screen based work pods. As a refuge in an open-plan office or as an open workspace for promoting teamwork. As an option both media and power can be integrated into any Cellular configuration.

The 60 degree angle of Cellular screens make it ideal for the office workspace to arrange work and lounges cells to form functional inviting groups within a room. These can be linear, circular or something completely new.

Cellular screen system allow innovative people to work and relax innovatively. You can wait, read or chat within Cellular. The smart modularity of the cellular system’s design allows both to work in it and with it.

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