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Calvino Bench Desks are part of an open plan office desk system developed for everyone.

Calvino was developed as a novel concept for companies who have environments where they want to embrace new ways of working. The brief for the project was to “erase the industrial memory”. This erasure takes physical form by optically reducing table top thicknesses and softening the support legs. Instead of the ubiquitous 18-25mm composite desktop thickness one experiences only an attractive thin line of 4mm of top surface joining with 2mm of tapering aluminium support frame. The legs are not a rectangular section with a sharp corner, but tubular limbs that meld seamlessly into the soft profile of the structural under-frame.

All Calvino Bench Desk accessories are either self standing – easily removed at any time with the minimal use of tools – or positioned to the edges of the table frame on two deliberately thin legs.

Workspace division and designation is refinable due to a selection of different cabinets and combinations. Many layouts can be softened by the introduction of seating groups that break up the “factory farm” or “production line” agitations generally created by workstations. The open approach promotes freedom and communication throughout the different work functions, creating more motivational interaction.

Calvino Bench Desks are available as 2 or 4 person workstations as well as team bench desking units. These office bench desks can be configured as easily as they can be subsequently separated for different applications.

Thanks to the structural qualities of Calvino, a seamless bench can be conceived with a unique aesthetic. The extrusion profiles and injected corners can be the basis of a 6 person bench framed by one extrusion along the full length, as well as offering the added possibilities to attach any of the systems accessories: shelves, screens, lights or box files. The cables are carried from the floor box to the table with the vertical power ducts that also help support the elegant structure.

Through a play of shades from using matt and gloss white finishes Calvino creates and presents a contemporary monotone design. 

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