Campers & Dens Cabins

Freestanding Cabins with optional furniture allow for the creation of free space relaxation, impromptu meeting areas and workspaces. Choose from a wide range of finishes to create open plan architecture that’s in sync with your office interior.

The Campers&Dens office Cabins are semi-open in-between structures that help create defined physical boundaries between the open and hidden sanctuary.

Campers&Den Cabins help extend the architecture outwards beyond the Campers Meeting Pods, utilizing the walls and create free space between rooms or at the end of a pod.

Unfixed and freestanding, make the Cabins a flexible architecture to use on the back of Campers Pods or scatter them throughout the open-plan office. Supplied unfurnished or with optional Cabin furniture, you can create free space relaxation areas, impromptu meeting areas or workspaces.

Create Free Space Huddle Spaces with Cabins
Cabins are purely architectural alcoves that provide private free space huddle areas. They make use of dead space and make it functional.

A Cabin is just a cabin until you add the furniture to make it something more. With the Campers&Dens range comes a range of functional pod furniture which makes it stand out from the crowd. The Cabins offer ten workspace proposals to create waiting, relaxation, collaboration and work areas for staff.

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